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Internationalization and globalization are increasingly causing lenders and borrowers to be based in different countries and to question the applicable law and jurisdiction. The loan calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate your ideal Swiss loan in just four short steps. Take advantage of the favorable interest rates and the opportunity to receive a personal loan. Get your personal loan online. Education is an important factor in the successful socio-economic development of individuals and Switzerland.

Hereinafter referred to as a lender

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The loan amount is secured by bank transfer to the lender. After the order under item 5 listed security due. If it has not been repaid by then, it will be due immediately after this date without further notice and in full to repayment. If and as far as the economic situation of the borrower allows, an early repayment of the loan is envisaged. The Swiss Code of Obligations, namely those on the loan under Article 312 et seq., Should be used as court of jurisdiction.

Credit from Switzerland for the Germans

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A loan from Switzerland for the Germans! Sounds good, at least like a solid loan offer, because Switzerland is world-famous for its bank, bank accounts and bank client confidentiality. Unfortunately, not all Swiss loans are so well placed. The starting point: The Swiss credit institutions have a fabulous name, this also applies to a Swiss German loan?

Challenging: What variant is there for a loan from Switzerland and when is this type of lending reasonable? Have we researched for you, when a loan from Switzerland can pay off for you! Here, however, you will not get a tailor-made loan offer, as with your bank, but, so to speak, a loan from the bar. 4th

What should I pay attention to when making such a loan? Desired amounts in the loan amount can not be considered, eg you only have the choice between two loan amounts, 3500 USD or 5000 USD! With even fewer options, the deadline is set at 40 months – that’s about USD 110 per month (for a loan of USD 3500) or USD 155 (for a loan of USD 5 000).

As a potential lender

You need to be aware that a loan from Switzerland is a very expensive loan for Germans, as the lenders involved assess the default risk as very high. Of course, their solvency is also scrutinized for a loan from Switzerland for the Germans. On the basis of this, the credit providers or agents calculate whether you, as a borrower, can afford the required loan from Switzerland at all.

Since you, as a self-employed person, have no chance of receiving such a microloan, you have to go to other options when looking for a Jenny-free loan.

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