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Are you looking for a high loan with the option of paying in installments? The Vickie offer is certainly what you are looking for! Especially for you, we analyzed the terms of borrowing in this company and we have distinguished the most important advantages of the product offered. Find out about Vickie and make sure you’ve made the best choice!

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The money loan online offer from paydayloanhelpers is ideal for anyone who needs a lot of financial support. In this company, you will loan a maximum of PLN 7,000 with the possibility of spreading the repayment for 30 months. What’s more, Vickie will also be useful for those in need of PLN 2,000. Such amounts can often be obtained in companies offering payday loans. Usually, however, you have to repay them after 30 days. Vickie meets the expectations of customers, for whom the month is not enough to return the commitment and allows them to pay off loans even for several weeks.

When borrowing money at Vickie, you always have the option to change the repayment date. All you have to do is send a request to the lender and the new date will be set according to your preferences.

You can also return the borrowed money at any time. When you give back the loan before the deadline specified in the contract you will recover the costs for the unused loan period. Therefore, you can choose a longer loan period and then change your mind.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Vickie

Help us to complete this list! Describe your experience with Vickie in the comments below. All opinions and stories of clients are read by us and taken into account when issuing opinions on Vickie.

Based on current customer feedback, we have prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages of a loan in Vickie. Here she is!

The advantages of a loan in Vickie

  • the high amount of the maximum loan – you can borrow as much as PLN 7,000,
  • you can spread the loan into convenient installments – the maximum loan repayment period is 30 months,
  • the elderly can also apply for the loan – the upper age limit is 80 years,
  • the option to change the repayment date – to change the repayment date of the next installments, simply send the appropriate application,
  • the option of early repayment of the loan – by returning the loan before the deadline you will receive a refund for the unused loan period,
  • quick contact with the Customer Service Office – a helpline or a contact form on the website is available to customers,
  • no additional loan costs – the company does not require insurance of borrowed money.

Loans defects in Vickie

  • no possibility to postpone the loan repayment date,
  • the customer can only have one loan active – the next one can be applied only after paying the previous one,
  • the loan will not be received by a person with an active commitment in SMS Credit,
  • to get a loan you must have a good credit history – the company checks debtors’ databases such as BIK, KRD or BIG,
  • the contract is signed in the presence of a courier – this increases the waiting time for a loan.

Opinions about Vickie …

… which is what her clients say about the company

We handle this part of the website to the clients of Vickie. We try not to intervene in the content of comments you leave – we limit only the bending of the so-called hating, spam, and excessive Latin. We are aware that the opinion of real Vickie customers is very important for anyone who thinks about a short time in this company. We are counting on your exuberance and honesty. Tell me what you think, what experiences you have, and give good advice to others.

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