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Diversify your portfolio with Athos and K2K loans

Diversification is really a pretty simple concept: “don’t put all eggs in a basket”. Individual investments such as shares or a fund may fluctuate erratically. If you have made the right choice, things can go really well but if you are unlucky and wrong you can lose everything. Therefore, there is a consensus among experts in the financial industry that as an investor, one should reduce their diversifiable risk by spreading their investments as much as possible. For the stock market, this means that you buy many shares, for a total portfolio that you use many different types of investment.

“Don’t put all egg baskets in a Volvo duet” if you want to say the word a little longer.


These types of investments can be interest-bearing funds, hedge funds, commodities or now: K2K Loans. The most important thing is that they correlate as little as possible with each other, and this makes K2K loans attractive as it is not directly linked to the stock exchange. This is called “hedging”; to add a product that doesn’t go down when the other does, and is, as its name suggests, a cornerstone of hedge funds.

Right now the stock market is looking very worried, and most people are starting to push sales or wait

money loan

But what are the alternatives? the bank does not give any interest anymore. Our best tip (ok, we are a little biased) is to go in and create a portfolio with us and / or other K2K companies, start carefully and see how the monthly payments come into the account, and increase depending on your own risk preference.

How the stock market goes and what requirements you have for liquidity.

money loan

It is clear that the stock market appears risky at present, and that most small savers and investors can improve their portfolio by dividing their investments more than they currently do. However, the same goes for Athos, do not put all money into a loan, spread it out as many as possible.

4 steps to eliminate my credit card debt

We know how difficult and frustrating it is to have credit card debt. The high interest rates charged to us mean that, despite making payments month by month, it seems that our debt does not decrease and that it will be impossible to pay it. The good news is that it is possible!

When we have a credit card debt, we must have a financial priority number one and eliminate it and we must make a specific plan to achieve it.

eye! As a general recommendation to keep your debt from growing, we recommend that you stop using your credit card until you regain control.

Yes now! These are the 4 steps that will help you be free of your credit card debt:

Identify your current situation very well

Identify your current situation very well

It is important that you first identify exactly how much money you owe and what interest rate you are paying for your debt. If you have more than one debt (credit card or any type), clearly identify how much you owe to each of your credits and what is the annual interest rate you are paying on each one. This will be the first step that will help us determine our payment strategy.


Determine your monthly payment capacity

debt payment capacity

Make a budget in which you include all your fixed expenses and basic needs that you must cover each month (includes expenses such as food, housing, education, etc.).

After you are very clear about the exact amount you need to cover your basic needs each month, subtract this amount from your monthly income to calculate how much money you can use to pay off your debts each month.

While doing this step, it can be very useful to identify in which additional expenses you have been using your money, which of them you can eliminate and / or decrease and thus be able to dedicate more money to settle your debts. Remember! It is worth making small sacrifices to be debt free much faster.


Find better conditions to pay your debt

pay your debt

Since you are clear how much you owe, what are your most expensive debts (those of higher interest rates) and how much you can allocate to pay debts each month, it is time to look for better conditions to eliminate your debt. This means that you should try to get a better interest rate and transfer your debt to fixed payments to keep it from growing.

There are several options in the market (like your digitt credit !) That allow you to transfer your debt or consolidate it (if you have more than one debt) obtaining better conditions. Remember that if you transfer your debt to a loan with a better rate and fixed payments, you must ensure that the monthly payment capacity that you calculated in step 3 is sufficient to cover the monthly payment of the new credit.


What if I have more than one debt ?

debt  problem

If you have more than one debt or failed to transfer your debt or one of your credit card debts to a loan with better conditions, we recommend that you allocate most of your monthly payment capacity to your most expensive debt, that is, the one that It has a higher interest rate, while still paying at least the minimum payment to your other credit cards (to avoid collection costs, other penalties and to avoid affecting your credit history).

We recommend you follow these steps to get out of your credit card debt! We know it is not easy, but it is possible! You can! Count on digitt to help you achieve it!
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Loans Switzerland

Internationalization and globalization are increasingly causing lenders and borrowers to be based in different countries and to question the applicable law and jurisdiction. The loan calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate your ideal Swiss loan in just four short steps. Take advantage of the favorable interest rates and the opportunity to receive a personal loan. Get your personal loan online. Education is an important factor in the successful socio-economic development of individuals and Switzerland.

Hereinafter referred to as a lender

money cash

The loan amount is secured by bank transfer to the lender. After the order under item 5 listed security due. If it has not been repaid by then, it will be due immediately after this date without further notice and in full to repayment. If and as far as the economic situation of the borrower allows, an early repayment of the loan is envisaged. The Swiss Code of Obligations, namely those on the loan under Article 312 et seq., Should be used as court of jurisdiction.

Credit from Switzerland for the Germans

money cash

A loan from Switzerland for the Germans! Sounds good, at least like a solid loan offer, because Switzerland is world-famous for its bank, bank accounts and bank client confidentiality. Unfortunately, not all Swiss loans are so well placed. The starting point: The Swiss credit institutions have a fabulous name, this also applies to a Swiss German loan?

Challenging: What variant is there for a loan from Switzerland and when is this type of lending reasonable? Have we researched for you, when a loan from Switzerland can pay off for you! Here, however, you will not get a tailor-made loan offer, as with your bank, but, so to speak, a loan from the bar. 4th

What should I pay attention to when making such a loan? Desired amounts in the loan amount can not be considered, eg you only have the choice between two loan amounts, 3500 USD or 5000 USD! With even fewer options, the deadline is set at 40 months – that’s about USD 110 per month (for a loan of USD 3500) or USD 155 (for a loan of USD 5 000).

As a potential lender

You need to be aware that a loan from Switzerland is a very expensive loan for Germans, as the lenders involved assess the default risk as very high. Of course, their solvency is also scrutinized for a loan from Switzerland for the Germans. On the basis of this, the credit providers or agents calculate whether you, as a borrower, can afford the required loan from Switzerland at all.

Since you, as a self-employed person, have no chance of receiving such a microloan, you have to go to other options when looking for a Jenny-free loan.

Attractive financial offer – cash loan

A cash loan is a reasonable solution when you need money. Forced certain circumstances and the above offer is most interesting. Of course, you have to realize that preparation with money is the key. Any hasty decision may have its unpleasant consequences in the future, so there is probably nothing to risk. Money must be admitted that it is an illusory value and can blind, hence it is believed that the cash loan is intended for people who are really aware of the investment undertaken. They can calmly analyze the subject and later make a satisfying final decision.

Cash loans

Cash loans

Cash loans are popular and there is no doubt about it, but it is worth noting that not every interested person is aware that when decisions are taken lightly, you can create a lot of problems. There is a contract that is signed by the client after the analysis, the terms should be known, the more so that the person automatically becomes the borrower. This unit has specific responsibilities, so the guidelines are really strict. The bank has its expectations and requires it, therefore, every loan should be well analyzed so as not to wake up with time and come to the conclusion that collecting finances was a big mistake.

It works at a high level, but sometimes extra money is very useful. 

You can take advantage of the cash loan offer for any purpose that virtually anyone can use.

You can take advantage of the cash loan offer for any purpose that virtually anyone can use.

It is understandable that the bank expects proof of credibility, in this case it is a blank promissory note, third party surety and insurance certificate. An elderly person can also choose to receive a supportive injection without any complications. As every client, the relevant documents are required, the senior is required to provide the last pension slice and a certificate from the Social Insurance Institution. How the money is managed depends only on the borrower’s needs. He makes the final decision because he has no special guidelines. It can be an investment in your own pleasures, but also the purchase of necessary household appliances, which, as you know, are very useful in everyday functioning. The overdraft facility tempts because time savings are guaranteed. An existing account is used, the history of the given account is checked very carefully by the bank, if everything is correct and the client has no hidden debts, then he can count on a positive response. The credit card is also interesting, because it guarantees full security when carrying out money. The capital is not paid out, but to the account. The owner of the funds has access to them, but up to a certain amount. This daily limit is nothing but perfect protection. Not one person has a strong will problem when he has a large sum in his wallet. Why risk it this way when you can use a credit card that kills temptation across the payout limit. The credit card is also cheap to maintain, so it may also be of interest to customers.

A cash loan is considered successful when the person concerned is actually aware of his decisions.

A cash loan is considered successful when the person concerned is actually aware of his decisions.

Downloading messages for the present day is nothing complicated, so there is nothing else to do but broaden your knowledge and choose the best offer for you. Each loan is different and you have to remember that. it’s best to just be guided by your individual needs.

Online loan companies -Find money loans online

Are you looking for a high loan with the option of paying in installments? The Vickie offer is certainly what you are looking for! Especially for you, we analyzed the terms of borrowing in this company and we have distinguished the most important advantages of the product offered. Find out about Vickie and make sure you’ve made the best choice!

Find money loans online

The money loan online offer from paydayloanhelpers is ideal for anyone who needs a lot of financial support. In this company, you will loan a maximum of PLN 7,000 with the possibility of spreading the repayment for 30 months. What’s more, Vickie will also be useful for those in need of PLN 2,000. Such amounts can often be obtained in companies offering payday loans. Usually, however, you have to repay them after 30 days. Vickie meets the expectations of customers, for whom the month is not enough to return the commitment and allows them to pay off loans even for several weeks.

When borrowing money at Vickie, you always have the option to change the repayment date. All you have to do is send a request to the lender and the new date will be set according to your preferences.

You can also return the borrowed money at any time. When you give back the loan before the deadline specified in the contract you will recover the costs for the unused loan period. Therefore, you can choose a longer loan period and then change your mind.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Vickie

Help us to complete this list! Describe your experience with Vickie in the comments below. All opinions and stories of clients are read by us and taken into account when issuing opinions on Vickie.

Based on current customer feedback, we have prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages of a loan in Vickie. Here she is!

The advantages of a loan in Vickie

  • the high amount of the maximum loan – you can borrow as much as PLN 7,000,
  • you can spread the loan into convenient installments – the maximum loan repayment period is 30 months,
  • the elderly can also apply for the loan – the upper age limit is 80 years,
  • the option to change the repayment date – to change the repayment date of the next installments, simply send the appropriate application,
  • the option of early repayment of the loan – by returning the loan before the deadline you will receive a refund for the unused loan period,
  • quick contact with the Customer Service Office – a helpline or a contact form on the website is available to customers,
  • no additional loan costs – the company does not require insurance of borrowed money.

Loans defects in Vickie

  • no possibility to postpone the loan repayment date,
  • the customer can only have one loan active – the next one can be applied only after paying the previous one,
  • the loan will not be received by a person with an active commitment in SMS Credit,
  • to get a loan you must have a good credit history – the company checks debtors’ databases such as BIK, KRD or BIG,
  • the contract is signed in the presence of a courier – this increases the waiting time for a loan.

Opinions about Vickie …

… which is what her clients say about the company

We handle this part of the website to the clients of Vickie. We try not to intervene in the content of comments you leave – we limit only the bending of the so-called hating, spam, and excessive Latin. We are aware that the opinion of real Vickie customers is very important for anyone who thinks about a short time in this company. We are counting on your exuberance and honesty. Tell me what you think, what experiences you have, and give good advice to others.

Loan Security Certainty

Getting more money is always inspiring and can solve a lot of things. From housing to vacation or debts.

If you plan to deal with joy or financial worries, the best solution is the American non-bank mortgage . A loan where you don’t have to worry about not going through.

A sought-after financial product mainly because it places only one condition on clients, namely real estate. The other one is only formal and means filling out a loan application with an online form.

Loan Security Certainty

Loan Security Certainty

Many of you will certainly be frightened by the idea of ​​a debtor register because you know you have a record in it and that you have not already received requests for money borrowing. The registry is not relevant to this loan. Another problem why the loan is usually not paid is the salary or its provability. Don’t worry about this, because you don’t have to prove anything.

Based on a pledge of property, you will get enough money to solve your situation, which is different for each applicant. If you need help with merging other loans or paying off execution, you will be provided with specialists to get rid of all the disadvantages.

Another concern is the long wait for approval and the uncertainty about whether or not you can count on the money. Don’t even look for a problem in this, because approval will take place within a few hours, up to 24 hours .

Certainly you are also interested in information about interest and repayment. Interest is, despite the easy conditions for getting low , as in a bank. The repayments are derived from the loan amount and also from the selected repayment period. Someone wants to have it repaid as soon as possible, somebody spreads the loan for more years. At least a year and a maximum of 30 years.

Do you think you will have to prove the purpose of the loan? Not at all. So you will have some complicated documentation of issued invoices and restrictions on what you can use the money for.

You Can Solve Financial Problems With a Payday Loan – But it is not Always an Ideal Alternative

Roughly every third citizen of the Czech Republic is in danger. This statement came from the Banking Association  at the beginning of this year. The largest package of loans swallows mortgages, followed by leases and classic consumer loans. We rent for new housing, its equipment, purchase a new car, study, but we also do not hesitate to borrow on the latest electronics, holidays or even pets with a family tree.

Payday Loan as a Road to Hell?

Payday Loan as a Road to Hell?

However, not every consumer is able to objectively evaluate his options and take out a payday loan that does not negatively affect his standard of living. Unfortunately, many people get into a situation where one loan is paid out by a second loan. Without any hope, they find themselves inside a dangerous merry-go-round from which it’s not easy to get out. Usually it starts with a smaller loan before paying to help bridge the individual’s unfavorable financial situation. But the next month, the money is missing again, so the consumer can reach a riskier loan without a register. Subsequently, the bank will be exchanged for a non-bank company, and if it successfully ignores the call to pay another installment or debt, it does not have much to visit the executor.

What to do in a difficult financial situation

What to do in a difficult financial situation

To avoid unpleasant financial distress, you need to prevent it from happening. The most important and crucial step is the responsible management of the domestic budget. Record both regular and occasional earnings and expenses and make a small assessment at the end of each month. Find out what you spend too much on and, on the contrary, save on. Plan ahead and create reserves in particular. You should save at least 25% of your monthly income sideways. This money will come in handy when your washing machine, refrigerator, or other completely indispensable household equipment leaves unexpectedly.

Credit yes, but…

Credit yes, but…

If you do not avoid the loan, you need to select it accordingly. Do not bet on the first product that comes under your hand. Better compare each of them with each other. You should also be interested not only in the value of interest, but especially in the amount of APR. Also check your due dates, browse through forums and discussions and click through the creditors. If the situation allows you, avoid lending to risky clients, such as a loan without a register or a loan without proof of income. The risk that the company is lending to is because it has to be reflected somewhere. Most often it is the amount of interest.

Have you overgrown your loans over your head?

Have you overgrown your loans over your head?

Do not put your head in the sand and actively address this unpleasant situation. You should also contact the lender immediately and fix it with the current situation. You can arrange to postpone installments or installment holidays. If the situation is really unbearable, check out the options for refinancing or consolidating loans. The last station is the declaration of a personal bankruptcy, but a request is required that must be approved by the competent court.

Debt Consolidation Loan with Postal service Italy in 2019, Offers, Solutions

If you want to reduce your monthly payments on loans that you have already made over time and also want to get additional liquidity for other expenses, you may decide to use a Debt Consolidation Loan. The Debt Consolidation Loan is a special type of loan that allows you to pay off all the loans stipulated and to combine them in a single monthly installment that will be lighter.

The monthly payment that you will then pay will be lighter thanks to the interest rates that will be cheaper and thanks to the fact that you will be able to extend the duration of the operation you are going to develop and subscribe to. The maximum amount that you can request by applying for this loan will vary based on the characteristics of the applicant and the type of loan requested. The amount you will get on loan will be used first to pay off debts and, if you ask for it, you will also get an extra additional liquidity.

What are the most interesting proposals regarding Debt Consolidation Loans? What are the offers offered by Postal Service Italy? What are the requirements to apply for this type of loan and how do I apply for it? Finally, what are the methods of disbursement and repayment of the loan? Let’s find out together in this article.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

The Debt Consolidation Loan is defined as a liquidity loan that allows you to pay off all outstanding debts and to pay off a single debt, thus paying only one monthly installment to a single credit institution. The sum obtained will cover the costs of previously stipulated loans; moreover, it will also have a more sustainable monthly installment; this is because the loan will be delayed in more time and will have more interesting and convenient interest rates.

The advantages of debt consolidation loan are really numerous. First of all, you will be able to pay off all the loans you have contracted over time by bringing them together in a single monthly installment. Having a single installment to be paid monthly, it will certainly be easier to cover it without difficulty. Furthermore, the debt consolidation loan may also allow you to obtain additional liquidity ; therefore, in addition to covering your debts, you can also get an extra sum of money to be able to spend on other expenses.

This is a great solution, especially for families. In fact, going to gather all your debts in one installment to be paid to a single credit institution, you will avoid paying different monthly installments characterized by different interest rates and different characteristics. The installments of debt consolidation loans are characterized by greater sustainability ; this is because they have much better interest rates and therefore make supporting the installment much easier for anyone.

Postal Service Italy also aims to provide its customers with a Debt Consolidation Loan. Let’s examine in detail the characteristics of this particular type of loan.

Costal Bank Consolidation Loan

Costal Bank Consolidation Loan

The Costal Bank Consolidation Loan proposed by Postal Service Italy is a loan that offers a single solution for all your payments. This is a proposal that involves bringing together all the loans or debts you have contracted over time into a single loan. In this way you will find yourself supporting only one monthly commitment; this will mean having to pay only one monthly installment, having a single deadline and therefore certainly fewer problems.

This particular type of loan is designed specifically for people or families who are faced with various monthly expenses related to loan installments. By going to contract a debt consolidation loan, your situation will surely become more sustainable. The Costal Bank debt consolidation loan will allow you to go to support a single monthly installment that will bring together all your previous expenses. Furthermore, the installment you are going to pay each month will be characterized by a better interest rate.

Furthermore, by requesting a Costal Bank Consolidation Loan, you will also be able to obtain additional liquidity. So in addition to simplifying your life, by combining expenses under one installment, you can also request to add an additional sum to the total amount of the loan, thus obtaining an additional liquidity that you can allocate to other more or less urgent expenses. The methods of applying for this type of loan are quite simple. But let’s see what the main features of this loan are.

Features of the Costal Bank Consolidation loan

Features of the Costal Bank Consolidation loan

The Costal Bank Consolidation loan has some really useful and interesting features that make it particularly advantageous. We have already said that this type of loan is designed specifically for those who are faced with various monthly expenses. Having to pay multiple monthly installments, each characterized by different maturities and different interest rates, the family’s economic situation could become really complicated.

This is where the Costal Bank Consolidation loan comes in handy. This loan has the characteristic of allowing you to combine all your debts contracted over time with a single credit institution and going to pay a single monthly payment. Being then supported by a single monthly payment that will also feature a better interest rate, obviously the economic situation will be more sustainable and simple.

The other characteristic not to be underestimated of the Costal Bank Consolidation Loan is the possibility of obtaining a single loan with an interest rate that will be the same for all the debts you have contracted. Moreover usually the interest rates of debt consolidation loans are extremely more advantageous than those of a normal loan. An additional advantage of entering into a debt consolidation loan is the ability to combine all installments in a single monthly installment. In this way you will have only one monthly deadline to respect and this will make your economic situation much easier to manage.

Now, however, let’s see what are the requisites required by Postal Service Italy to apply for the Costal Bank Consolidation Loan.

Requirements to apply for the loan

Requirements to apply for the loan

In order to apply for the Costal Bank Consolidation Loan at Postal Service Italy, you will need to comply with certain essential requirements. The main requirements are:

  • Being resident in Italy
  • Have a demonstrable income from work or pension produced in Italy
  • Hold a Costal Bank account or an ordinary Postal Savings Book

These are the requirements necessary to be able to apply for a Costal Bank Consolidation Loan. So, in summary, you must be a natural person resident in Italy and provided with a demonstrable income produced in Italy. Furthermore, to be able to apply for this loan, you must hold a Costal Bank current account or an ordinary postal savings account.

Postal Service Italy requires these requirements to be able to apply, without it being impossible to obtain a debt consolidation loan. The Costal Bank Consolidation loan may have a duration ranging from 24 to 96 maximum months. The amount you can request ranges from a minimum of € 3000 to a maximum of € 50,000 for holders of Costal Bank accounts. While, holders of postal savings accounts can request a figure ranging from € 3000 to € 30,000. But how can you apply for a Costal Bank Consolidation loan?

How to apply for a loan

How to apply for a loan

The procedure to apply for the Costal Bank Consolidation Loan is not at all complicated. Simply call the toll-free number 800.00.33.22. and make an appointment with a Postal Service Italy consultant at the nearest post office. Afterwards, you can simply go to the office where you can discuss the various options available to you together with the consultant. You can then apply for the Costal Bank Consolidation loan.

Together with the request for the Costal Bank Consolidation loan application, you will also need to submit a documentation that includes:

  • Identity document valid
  • Health insurance card
  • Document showing your income

Furthermore, in addition to the documents we have listed, you will also need to present the extinguishing counts of the loans you wish to pay off. Please also note that, depending on the person requesting the loan and his personal characteristics, or even to access particular promotions on the loan requested, Postal Service Italy reserves the right to request additional requirements or even additional documentation with respect to that which we have listed above.

Once the application has been submitted along with all the required documentation, you will have to wait for Postal Service Italy to carry out all the necessary checks. Subsequently, after obtaining the approval of the loan, the entire sum requested will be paid. The sum will be credited in a single payment with direct credit to the Costal Bank account in the name of the applicant or with direct credit to the applicant’s bank account or even in cash at the post office counter.

How to repay the loan

How to repay the loan

What about the repayment methods of the Costal Bank Consolidation loan? Well, first of all take into account the fact that the duration of Postal Service Italy’s debt consolidation loan ranges from 24 months to a maximum of 96 months. In addition, the amount that can be requested ranges from € 3000 to € 50,000 for Costal Bank account holders, while from € 3000 to € 30,000 for holders of a postal savings account. In the following tables I report details of the loan characteristics:

Holders of Costal Bank Account
Minimum amount 3,000 euros
Maximum amount 50,000 euros
Repayment duration From 24 up to 96 months
Holders of Postal Savings Book Ordinary Name
Minimum amount 3,000 euros
Maximum amount 30,000 euros
Repayment duration From 24 up to 96 months

The loan is repaid by paying fixed monthly installments which will be automatically debited to the applicant’s Costal Bank account. With regard to the holders of ordinary postal savings account, the monthly installments will be automatically debited to the bank account of the borrower or will be paid by postal bills, whose payment fees will be charged to the applicant in based on current rates.

Postal Service Italy promotional conditions

Postal Service Italy promotional conditions

Postal Service Italy, as for many other financial solutions, proposes promotional conditions on the Costal Bank Consolidation loan. These promotional conditions will be valid until October 31st 2018. The conditions proposed by Postal Service Italy are applicable to Costal Bank current account holders who request a sum equal to or greater than € 15,000.

You should also know that by paying a little more on the monthly fee you can also take out optional insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family. This insurance policy, called Postaprotezione Loan, is dedicated to those who take out a loan and want to protect themselves from the risk of not being able to repay the loan in the event of unforeseen events concerning health or work.

If you are going to take out a debt consolidation loan, this could be the right opportunity. If you want to take advantage of Postal Service Italy’s promotional conditions, remember that they expire on October 31st 2018.

Debt Consolidation Loan Example

Debt Consolidation Loan Example

I propose in the following table an example of a Costal Bank Consolidation loan offered using the promotional conditions proposed by Postal Service Italy until October 31st 2018. We are talking about a loan for a total of € 18,000 repayable in 90 monthly installments with a rate Fixed TAN an 8.40% and a APR rate of 8.77%.

Total amount of credit 18,000.00 euros
Monthly installment amount 270.24 euros
Duration of the contract 90 months
Total Credit Cost 6,353.60 euros,   of which
Interests 6,321.60 euros
Preliminary fees, installment collection and practical management and sending of paper and periodic transparency notices 0.00 euros
Stamp duty 16.00 euros
Stamp duty on periodic communications 16.00 euros
Total amount due € 24,353.60

* The economic conditions and the APR shown above are valid until 10/31/2018 and reserved for holders of Costal Bank Current Accounts who require an amount equal to or greater than € 15,000.


We analyzed the characteristics of the Costal Bank Consolidation loan proposed by Postal Service Italy. This is a loan designed for those who want to combine all loans and debts over time in a single monthly installment. This loan allows you to get a single monthly payment with a very attractive interest rate.

The characteristics of this loan make it really perfect for families who have to bear various monthly expenses and are looking for a method to make their economic and financial situation more sustainable. Moreover, the excellent promotional conditions proposed by Postal Service Italy until October 31st 2018 will allow you to obtain a debt consolidation loan at extremely advantageous conditions.

Express Loan: Credit payment in 24 hours. What you have to do for that!

If you apply for a loan, you often have to wait days or even weeks to complete it. However, there are always situations in which a larger amount is needed very quickly. For such cases, an express loan offers. Most of the time, the processing is completely online, so that the payment can sometimes be made within 24 hours. It is imposed on credit conditions no differences from a conventional loan and terms.

In which situations does an urgent loan offer itself?

In which situations does an urgent loan offer itself?

Very well suited is the express loan to replace a disposition credit. With the express loan, the shortfall on the current account can be quickly compensated so that no further interest payments are incurred. Those who are still expensive should also consider the possibilities of rescheduling. Interest rates have fallen significantly in recent years, so that a significant new cost-cutting can be achieved with a new express loan.

Short-term loans are often mini-loans that can be paid out within a few hours and only require mediocre creditworthiness!

If urgent bills can no longer be paid due to a financial shortage, quick help is also required. Otherwise, coercive measures such as wage or account pledges threaten. With an urgent loan can be avoided negative Private credit entries that complicate a subsequent borrowing.

Urgent repairs are usually incurred when no reserves are available. For example, those who rely on the car professionally can not afford to give it up for long. With an express loan, repairs can be financed quickly and easily. Smaller purchases for the household can also be handled with an express loan. It should be checked in advance exactly how important this is and whether a loan is worthwhile.

What is an express credit?

What is an express credit?

An urgent loan is basically a classic installment loan. The special feature lies in the fast processing and payment of the loan amount. Often, the required loan amount is transferred to the borrower within 24 hours. To ensure this, emergency loans are requested directly via the Internet. Within a few moments, the applicant receives an instant confirmation that the desired loan has been approved. This ensures a high degree of planning security. Although the instant confirmation is not binding, as long as no false information is provided, this is very reliable.

Conditions for an urgent loan

Conditions for an urgent loan

Urgent loans are usually offered for amounts between 1,000 and 50,000 euros. Thus, even larger purchases can easily finance it. For repayment, banks usually offer a flexible term of between 6 and 84 months. As with any loan, the annual percentage rate also plays a major role here. This includes not only the actual debit interest but also possible additional costs. The amount of the interest rate depends on the bank, the amount of the loan, the duration and the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Here are the important and comparable conditions at a glance:

  • Amount of loan amounts
  • maturities
  • the annual percentage rate
  • the debit interest
  • Fixed or credit-based interest

Since emergency loans are offered primarily by direct banks, the interest rate is often much cheaper compared to branch banks. However, the costs can sometimes be significantly different. Therefore, an accurate comparison should always be made before taking out an emergency loan.

What is important in a rush loan

What is important in a rush loan

In addition to the costs should be paid to an express credit on some other points. This includes, for example, the possibility of free special repayments as well as premature repayment. It also makes sense for the Bank to suspend installment payments in special situations. In this way, financial bottlenecks can be bridged more easily.

Requirements for an urgent loan

Requirements for an urgent loan

Anyone applying for an express credit must be at least 18 years old and have a permanent residence within the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, a sufficient income must be proven. For employees, this is done by presenting salary statements. Those who work independently or freelance, submit their latest tax assessment. The decisive factor is always that with the income earned all running costs including the loan installment can be paid. Another important criterion is the Private credit information. This is always obtained before the award of an urgent loan. For negative entries or too low a Private credit Score this almost always leads to a rejection of the credit request.

Apply for online loan credit

Apply for online loan credit

As already mentioned, the emergency loan is requested directly via the internet. For this, the banks provide a corresponding online form on their website. It is important that all required information is made as detailed as possible and above all correct. Only then is a quick application processing possible. If the instant confirmation is positive, the loan documents can be printed directly on the computer. These will then be sent to the bank along with the required supporting documents. For identity verification, the postident method is used. The sealed envelope is presented together with the identity cards at a post office and the employee confirms the identity of the applicant to the bank. After a final check, the loan amount is usually transferred to the borrower on the same day.

Are there any disadvantages with the express loan?

The benefits of a loan are clearly in the majority. However, there are also some limitations. For example, the borrower must refrain from personal advice on the express loan. This is a bit cumbersome, especially for people with little experience. For most banks, however, the application is relatively simple. This way, the applicant is guided through the processing step by step.

What Determines the Amount of Installment?

If we want to take out a loan, it is best to choose one in installments. Currently, we can take out installment loans not only in banks, but also in non-bank companies. It’s a quick and convenient way to get extra money for any purpose.

When you take out an installment loan, you can often set the installment amount yourself to suit your needs and capabilities. A special calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of a loan can be used, among others, on our Cryobank website – all you need to do is enter the amount and the repayment time to find out how much you will have to pay.

The amount of the installment depends mainly on the amount that has been borrowed, as well as on the period in which we intend to give it back. However, these are not the only factors that affect the amount of the installment.

What makes a loan installment?

What makes a loan installment?

If we take out a loan, we commit ourselves to giving not only the capital itself, but also additional loan costs to the bank or loan company. These include mainly interest, commission and additional fees, including the preparation fee, for examining the application, insurance, if it has been redeemed.

Therefore, the loan installment consists of two parts, namely a capital installment and interest installment. The amount of the capital and interest installment depends on whether we have chosen a loan with fixed or decreasing installments.

Installment amount and interest rates and jabank

Installment amount and interest rates and jabank

It is worth pointing out that the amount of the installment may change. This mainly applies to loans granted for longer periods, for example mortgage loans. Then the changes result mainly from the level of interest rates, and more precisely jabank.

If it is low, then the interest rate on the loan decreases, which means that we pay lower installments, whereas if interest rates and jabank go up, we also get more credit with them, which translates into the amount of the installment.

Foreign currency loans

Foreign currency loans

If you have a currency loan, for example in Swiss francs, the amount of the installment also depends on the exchange rate. As a result, the installment usually changes every month because exchange rates are smooth and constantly changing.

How do you pay low installments?

How do you pay low installments?

If you want to take out a loan and do not want to pay high installments, remember a few important things. First of all, look for an attractive offer that will not be associated with high costs – look at this not only for the interest rate on the loan itself, but also for the additional costs that we have indicated above. We can also use the APY indicator – the real annual interest rate, which includes not only nominal interest but also additional costs. APY is helpful in comparing different loans.

Of course, the longer the repayment period, the lower the installments we will pay. Remember, however, that a longer repayment period means more costs, so it is more profitable to take loans for shorter periods. However, do not exaggerate with their amount so that they fit into our financial capabilities.